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In April 2006, Blind Pugh came to the centre from a vet who had taken him in from a member of the public. The lady had found him at the side of a country lane and, luckily for him, rushed him straight to them for treatment.


From the state of his injuries they deduced he had been caught in a snare and while trapped the local bird population had taken advantage of his weakened state and pecked out his eyes.



Three months of intensive TLC on his wounds and manually having to remove tics as normal chemical means couldn’t be used on open flesh gave this lovely bino boy a new lease of life.


The loss of his eyes never bothered or affected him in the slightest and, after he was adopted and renamed Basil, he went on to be champion racer – even beating “working ferrets” at the Newbury Show in the annual grudge race!


Basil (Blind Pugh) enjoying a snooze


Blind Pugh when he came into the rescue


21st May 2011

Sadly Basil passed away overnight.

He will be missed by everyone, especially Elaine who had cared for him so well.

Sleep peacefully little man.


Please help us..



Help more ferrets like Basil.



We get between 150 and 200 ferrets each year through the rescue. We receive no support from the Government, and rarely receive assistance from other organisations who pass ferrets or other small animals onto us.

Blind Pugh's story