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Fiennes - Success Story


Unbelievably, at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon, while I was trying to give fluids, he suddenly did three big yawns, and seemed to just wake up. I couldn't believe it, all of a sudden he was back with us!


Fiennes, six days after he arrived.

Now he is a different ferret. He's put on weight (although took time to start eating solids), his coat is lovely, he has "happy body language", his back is arched and he has a spring in his step.


He loves to play, have his belly rubbed and is an absolutely endearing cuddle bum. No surprise then to say that he wont be leaving the rescue, as we've all fallen in love with him too much.


Fiennes update 5 months on...

Fiennes has a luster for life and has regained his sight, so has started to join us out and about with STARacers.

In October 2010 we had a call late afternoon, a lady had picked up a ferret that had been in the middle of the road. When she went to pick him up he had tried to run away and collapsed. She took him home and put him in a cat basket and phoned around for help and advice and one of our volunteers was able to put us in contact with her.


After telling her to keep him warm and try to get some water into him Roy set off. About an hour later he rang to say he had the little albino hob, but he was in a terrible state, and wasn't sure if he would survive the journey home. He did, and the next job was to try to make him comfortable and get him through the night.


Other problems immediately came to light. Coming back to the "land of the living" meant he wanted to be on the move. His back end was really wobbly, but worse was the fact that he was obviously blind and it was distressing him.


What had happened to him we shall never know, but the blindness must have been caused by the trauma he had been through. The obvious answer is that he's an RTA casualty, but he could have been kicked - he had damage round his mouth - this could have been caused by trying to get out of whatever confinement he had been kept in - we'll never know.


For the next three days, Fiennes (now named as he's a definite survivor and as the days have gone on, a definite explorer) improved. He was getting himself stuck in stupid places because he didn't realise he wasn't actually stuck! But his back legs strengthened, and he was starting to adjust with not being able to see.

Feinnes - On the first day

Fiennes, a day after he arrived at the rescue.


He was emaciated, filthy and barely conscious. I managed to get tiny amounts of rehydration fluid down him throughout the night, and against all odds he was still with us in the morning.


An early visit to Kelperland vets resulted in Steve giving him one of his 'Cookie Cocktails', and the comment "IF it's going to work it should kick in today". There was not much else he could do, and he gave him a 50/50 chance. Now it was down to the little fuzzy, and whatever help I could give him with fluids.

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