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STA Ferret Rescue

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How a ferret race works. The rules and setup explained.

Our contact details.  Also links to other rescues, clubs and shops.

Some of our ferrets successfully rehomed into forever homes.  


Various vets known to treat ferrets.  Links and opening times.

Ferret Informarion on hous-ing, feeding, microchipping etc.


We are the Ferret arm of Starescue animal rescue centre in Basingstoke.

Please help us help them by texting STAR35 £2/£5/£10 to 70070 to donate now.

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Based in Basinstoke we provide a safe haven for ferrets that have been found as strays, dumped, neglected or simply handed over by their owners as they can no longer keep them.  We are a group of experienced ferret enthusiasts who, as well as rescuing, rehabillitating and rehoming Ferrets from our Rescue Centre  give up our weekends, bank holidays and evenings providing Ferret racing and promoting the welfare of working, domestic and rescued Ferrets at various public and corporate events to help raise money for the rescue, which is a self-funded non profit charity.

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