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Jingle - Success Story

Jingle arrived at our rescue on 2nd July in a terrible state. She had a huge abscess on her lower right jaw, another one over her right eye, and multiple bite wounds over her whole body. She was also virtually bald from her throat down to her tail. Even our vet said "Oh dear, she is a real mess!


"We originally called her Lisyl, because we picked her up in West Ilsley (and we try to make names from where strays are picked up).

Her abscesses were drained, and with antibiotics, convalescence diet, and a lot of TLC, Lisyl has made a fantastic recovery.


I knew, as soon as she came in, that Lisyl would not be rehomed. If I managed to pull her through, she would be staying here as part of my 'gang'. She did pull through, and is currently sitting on my lap, licking me - no doubt reading her story, and I hope approving.


I changed her name to Jingle, and mixed her in with my main group. We've had some issues - she's what I call a VioLent Elizabeth - "I'll skweem and skweem - and do the chasing" - she is the most adorable little madam, and has turned into possibly the best PR ferret I have ever had - she adores everyone, and is possibly the sweetest ferret who has ever owned me.



As you will see from the pictures below, she now looks like a beautiful but dirty little snowball.


Jingle, to many people, came in looking as if she was beyond help.

With love, time and good vet care, she has proved there is hope and a happy ending.

Please help us help more ferrets like Jingle.


We get between 150 and 200 ferrets each year through the rescue. We receive no support from the Government,

and rarely receive assistance from other organisations who pass ferrets or other small animals onto us.

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