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Latest Lost & Found Ferrets

Found a ferret?

If the ferret is injured please take it straight to a vet.


If you find a stray ferret in Berkshire, Hampshire, Swindon, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire or Gloucestershire please try to keep it contained (in a cat carrier if possible) and ensure it has some water and food (fresh meat or tinned cat food will suffice in an emergency). Then call us on 0118 348 6992– mobile 07903 390980. It is helpful if you try to find out where it has come from.


If you find a ferret elsewhere in the UK contact your local ferret rescue.


Found Ferret Checklist (Download pdf)




Lost a ferret?

Download our lost ferret checklist for advice on finding your ferret.


Lost Ferret Check List (Download pdf)

LOST 26th December 2017 - 19 month old Jill, Polecat colour but with Pink nose.  

Shakespeare Road, RG24 9BT, Basingstoke, Hampshire.  Please contact Alistair Bussell on 07490816943

The wandering ferret

Ferrets due to their inquisitive nature will take advantage of a hole in a fence, open window, cat flap or unsecured door to go for a wander. Un-neutured ferrets are more inclined to stray during the mating season, so is one of the reasons we recommend the neutering of ferrets. Ferrets can travel considerable distance when they get out so, if you lose a ferret don't restrict your search to local gardens.


When strays arrive with us we check for microchips and try our hardest to return strays to their owners, by asking the finders to notify vets local to the area where they have been found. We also contact other local rescues and post the details on our website and facebook pages and also check Animal Search UK and if relevant Animal Finders (Oxfordshire), in the hope that the owner or someone that knows them will find them listed or have reported their loss.


After holding a stray for 7 days, if no one has come forward, they are booked in for neutering and we try to find them a new forever home.

 ** Updated 11th/Feb/2019  **

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