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Pickens and Marvin Ready For Rehoming

All adults are neutered before they are rehomed, and we ask anyone adopting kits to arrange for them to be neutered once they have matured, as we do not rehome ferrets for breeding.


If you feel you could offer some of our ferrets a forever home, please contact us.


We ask for a donation towards the rescue's vet, food and transport costs.

As from January 1st 2014, due to increased vet, food and general welfare bills, we are having to put up our adoption donations to £40 for a neutered ferret (to go with another), £80 for a pair, and kits under 5 months will be £25 for one, £50 for a pair.


If a ferret is going to go with another one, we like you to bring your ferret here so we can try them with their new friend so we have a good idea that it’s going to work.


We also like to home-check all new owners before agreeing to rehome any ferrets so as to help make sure their new home will be suitable and safe for them.  (We have provided information on housing and ferret proofing your home to help you make sure you and your ferrets are safe).

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PICKENS is the albino boy. He's about 6 months old. When he arrived, he was in such a terrible state, I didn't think he was going to make it! He was only 300 grams, and so dehydrated he couldn't stand. 24 hours later, he was climbing my leg, and hasn't looked back. He's now chunky and has a gorgeous winter coat. He's really sweet and doesn't have a nasty bone in him. You've probably guessed, I have a very soft spot for this lovely lad.

MARVIN is the poley. He too is about 6 months old and found wandering and very underweight and skinny. He arrived a week after Pickens, and once they were both well enough, met and have flourished together. He's now a big chunky boy who's always up to mischief.