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Ferret Racing

We take our ferrets out to Shows and Fetes, in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and surrounding areas, putting on ferret racing.  Not only is this a fun day out for us and the ferrets, but it gives us a chance to promote ferret welfare as well as earn some much needed funds for the rescue. We attend all sorts of shows, from school fetes to country shows. We can race indoors or outdoors.


Our course consists of 4 sets of clear pipes with obstacles such as water pools and see saws for the ferret to negotiate, so spectators can see the ferrets throughout the race.  The pipes have been treated with a special coating so that they do not get warm in the sun.  We have our own ferrets that we bring along to these events, all are friendly and we encourage spectators to meet and stroke our ferrets between races.


The rules are simple, spectators place a bet on the ferret they want to win, and cheer it on as it makes it's way through the course. The race isn't over until one ferret has emerged from the pipes and has all four feet on the floor.


We bring all necessary equipment with us to undertake the races, including marquee, racing tubes, fencing and speaker system. Between races we spend our time talking to people about ferrets and allowing them to stroke and handle the ferrets.


Ferret racing makes a great attraction at any fundraising event such as Summer fetes and fairs.


A fun and live interactive way to raise money for your cause or charity is to organise a Ferret Race Night, a whole evening of ferret racing.


This works well for sports clubs and pubs and bars where there is plenty of outside or indoor space and plenty of customers and spectators willing to watch the fun.  This also works well at corporate fundraising or hospitality events, provided the venue has sufficient floor space for the race course.


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Ideal for your country fairs, village fetes, charity fundraising events and corporate race evenings.

This is an original way to entertain your guests and/or help raise money for a fundraising event.

Please read our guides for more information or contact us.


Running a Race Night Guide 2015 (Download pdf)

Running a Ferret Race Guide 2015 (Download pdf)

About STA Ferret Rescue (Download pdf)