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Successfully Rehomed

Wicksy and Gus Ferrets - small

Rehomed 20/10/2013

WICKSY and GUS are a super pair of ferrets. We reckon they are 3 - 4 years old. Both found as strays in separate areas of the same town, when we put them together it was like they'd always known each other. Wicksy is a lovely big silver hob with a stripy nose, and Gus is a large poley-mitt. Both are very people friendly - they love their cuddles, but can bully other ferrets they're put with, so they were a perfect pair to go on their own to a family home.

Odin and Loki Ferrets Small

Rehomed 27/10/2013

ODIN and LOKI are 5 month old brothers. Odin is the albino and Loki the sandy-mitt. They are a super pair of kits, who have been handed over as their owner found he didn't have enough time for them. They have been well handled and don't have a bite in them. Very playful, they are a lovely pair of boys.

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