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STA Ferret Rescue

Registered Charity 1075974

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Our Annual Ferret Show

Held on 15th September 2013 At The Flowing Spring

1 Trophy 1 More Trophies 1 Rosettes 2 Marquees 2 Pub Sign 3 Cake Competition 4 Racing 5 Ferrets 5 Reunion 5 Asleep 5 Pocket

Starescue Family Reunion

Waiting For Their Call

Anything Could Happen Here!

Ferret Cake Competition

Poley hob

Poley jill

Albino hob

Albino jill

Sandy hob

Sandy jill

Coloured hob (including mitted)

Coloured jill (including mitted)



Other ferret classes:

Kit (between 3 & 12 months)

Veteran (5 years and older)


Not Quite (minor ailments e.g. cataracts, broken tooth, no tail)

Looky Likey Pairs (any gender, they just need to look alike)

Mitted B'Stard (if its got mitts it can be entered here for fun)

Child Handler (12 years old or under)